Welcome to the ORD Sessions

The ORD Sessions, expanding on the ORD Camp theme, are events for Chicago-based software developers to work on open source projects. There are lots of interesting networking events where you can meet people, and there are lots of interesting talks where you can learn. This event is an opportunity to roll up your sleeves and code.  There are many open source projects with contributors/maintainers living in Chicago: a few examples include Subversion, Rails, rSpec, Linux, Selenium, and Django. The ORD Sessions are an opportunity to bring these folks together, along with others in the software development community, to riff on any open source project in any language.

That's the overview...so what's with the name?

The ORD  Sessions are founded on 4 core principles:

  • Vibe. Attending an "ORD session" is like participating in an invigorating jam session. You may come with a few seed ideas you want to flesh out, but you're not quite sure where they'll go. By feeding off the collaborative energy of the other members of the group, you may create an original product that just might well take on a life beyond the session. There are no deadlines, no competition, and no expectations.
  • Code. An "ORD session" is a jam session where your laptop is your instrument, and code is your music. Any programming language or project is fair game, with the only caveat being.... (See next bullet point.)
  • Open. All projects must be open source. No mercenaries for your startup here.
  • No tourists. You're expected to show up and write code...We have show and tell at the end.

The ORD Sessions are brought to you by Inventables and Google Chicago
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