Session 1


Inventables HQ: 222 W Ontario St, Suite 350.


Thursday June 18th, dinner starts at 5:30pm coding starts at 6:30pm.  We'll have "show and tell" between 9:30pm and 10pm but after "show and tell" we'll be open until everyone leaves.  

What projects got hacked on?
Metric Foo

Who's came and what were their ideas coming in?

RSVP for session 1 below by adding your name and at least one idea for a project to hack on. Your idea(s) can be rough or detailed, but please do come with something in mind to riff on.
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NameI'd like to riff on...
NameI'd like to riff on...
Ray Hightower RadiantCMS is a Rails-based content management system. It was created by open source developers in Chicago and elsewhere. Radiant powers sites like and What plugin(s) can we write to extend the functionality of Radiant? 
Brian Fitzpatrick The free Mercurial book is really nice, but could use a reference section. I'd like to get a start on that--at the very least an outline. 
Michael Dwan A simple Ruby DSL for server provisioning that does not rely on Capistrano and can be extended with plugins. 
Chris McAvoy I'm a simple man, with simple tastes. I've been dinking around with a AppEngine based tomato database for a while now, I'd like to just get it out there. I rarely spend any time on it. Although I'm deeply in love with Python, I'd like to jazz up the project a bit by writing it in Clojure on the java version of appengine. Old Python version (non-working, barely touched) is at 
Harper Reed [Harper will fill in this area with fun stuff] 
Brian Eng Simple and super-opinionated Capistrano alternative. 
Adrian Holovaty Something Pythonish 
Paul Smith Something GeoDjango-y + maps ... couple of ideas, maybe hacking on the Civic Footprint; making GeoDjango + Mapnik easier to install and get up and running on; a Mapnik sprint; wiring Mapnik layers and GeoDjango models together. 
David Chelimsky The fact that RSpec has its own runner isolates the rspec world of extensions from the test/unit world of extensions. RSpec 2.0 will end that division by running directly on top of test/unit. Help me get started. 
Alex Gaynor Somethign Django/Python. I believe the Everyblock source code will be public by this, so perhaps playing around with that (especially since it looks like Adrian and Paul will be here). 
Chad Paulson I have wanted to do something with Twisted for awhile. Perhaps a pluggable Django app that provides IM / Chat service via an AJAX interface? 
Richie Vos Testing in actionscript is a disaster. The libraries are old-school JUnit style (testXShouldY... shudder), there isn't any stubbing or mocking, and the runners make you run all your tests at once. This is unacceptable. I'd like to rip-off as much rSpec as possible and jam it into flexspec ( so that anyone doing Flex on Rails won't feel like poking their eyes out when they write a front-end test. 
Joseph Kocherhans Mapnik (putting together installation instructions for OS X), general Django stuff, or possibly a lamson based app for tagging/indexing mail. 
Jon Trowbridge Something related to CTA Bustracker 
Zach Kaplan Something with google translate 
Jake Scruggs Now that metric_fu has the ability to mash-up two code metrics together I'd like to try and actually create a metric mash up (maybe something like: bad coverage + bad flog == really bad) 
David Chelimsky Nested HTML Formatter for RSpec 
Jason Tillery, Vishu Ramanathan I would like to be able to see CSS changes update in multiple browsers simultaneously as I make them in a text editor without having to refresh all of the browsers. 
Jeff Talbot Something with Google Wave... 
Richie Vos Something that scrapes the Metra site and builds one that doesn't suck out of it. Maybe producing RSS feeds out of their service updates and/or news. It'd be really sweet if it was a social iPhone app using the iPhone's GPS to track where the trains are and produce stats on when the trains are ontime, when they're not, how long I have to sit around for "freight train interference", .... 
David Altenburg Something w/ the CTA bus tracker to collect accuracy stats 
Jeff Talbot, Fred Lee Cucumber is a great tool for writing executable documentation/high-level functional tests. But I see 2 common issues: (1) developers new to it often feel the tests are too "magical" and (2) non-technical people have a hard time writing new tests. Could we make it easier to view at a glance the connection between steps and step definitions while also making it easier to write new tests? Maybe a combination of story browser, plus dropdown selection to view available given/when/then subjects & predicates? 
Ted Homatas Some kind of secure shared password app with versioning and built on Amazon's SimpleDB 
Pek Pongpaet HTML5 Canvas and create some cool visualizations or slideshows 
Paul Pagel Raspberry, a Limelight twitter client 
Colin Jones Something Ruby-related 
Richie Vos Updating <insert any rails plugin here> to ruby 1.9 
Jacob Lee Something Pythonish, CTA projects would be fun 
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